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 President Valingro receives Excellence Award
  Aug 22, 2016

Valingro is proud to announce that Mrs. Valli Arun, President, Valingro Group received the Excellence Award for her Contributions to Society as an Entrepreneur, on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary Celebrations of Padmalaya Foundation.


Mrs. Valli Arun is the first recipient of the Entrepreneurial Award from Padmalaya Foundation. While speaking at the Awards Ceremony, she highlighted the importance of imparting Values and its significance in today’s Society. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s famous belief of “Be the change that you want to see in the world”, she emphasized the need to contribute to Society.

Mrs. Arun said that women are now getting recognized in Society as Successful Motivators and Leaders of , and in the world. Accentuating the honors that ,n women won at the 2016 Olympics, she recognized that their honors are excellent, but it is the duty of our Nation to protect and cherish them as women. To do so, Mrs. Arun continued, that we need to positively influence people, empowering and enhancing lives.



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