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Valingro Awards Distribution 2016 held on Dec 10, 2016
 Dec 10, 2016

Valingro Cultural and Sports Committee (VCSC) organized the Annual Sports Awards Function on Dec 10, 2016. Management Team members of Valingro Group, Sports Events Awardees, Student Achievers and Other Awards recipients attended the function.

Speaking at the Function Mr. Ar Rm Arun, Chairman, Valingro Group appreciated the enthusiasm amongst Children to participate in the various events and the Employees interest in actively participating in all VCSC events. He also, stressed upon the importance of Values & Socio Economic Contribution (S-E-C) within the work place & in our personal lives.


Children who participated in Essay Writing, Drawing & Model Building on the topic “Social Awareness” were recognized and awarded during the function.

VCSC Sports Awards were distributed to the Winners & Runners for events such as Cricket, Table Tennis & Volleyball for Men and Musical chairs and Lemon & Spoon events for Women Employees.


Children of Valingro Employees who have excelled academically in grades 10 and 12 are recognized annually during the Valingro Awards Fucntion.                              



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